About PRFree™

About PRFree

Since 2005, PRFree has set the trend in online press release distribution service. PRFree makes providing news to the media easy and patek philippe replica affordable. Either streamlined or by including a variety of buy value-added services, PRFree helps businesses from every vertical reach the media quickly and effectively - in local areas and around the world.

PRFree is the only press release distribution service backed by a true newswire service, EWORLDWIRE. EWORLDWIRE has rapidly grown to become one of the most respected and technologically wholesale advanced wire services. EWORLDWIRE now has employees in three continents, and affiliates and representatives in six (know anyone in Antarctica?). Our employees are top notch and undergo a rigorous and intensive training process after initially being hired. All have college degrees, many graduate and most speak two or more languages. All sign confidentiality agreements to protect our clients and undergo background checks including criminal.

PRFree is focused on providing value and our years of marketing, public relations and journalism experience to help businesses like yours meet their market potential using traditional marketing services in combination with new media, like direct mail and online search engine optimization. By choosing targeted distribution, you ensure your release receives maximum exposure.

Because we know you only have a few seconds to catch a journalist's attention, our team of experienced copywriters review every release and provide you with real, concrete feedback on changes you could make to enhance its effectiveness.

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Men and Day Spas - Oil and Water Can Be Combined!

Men and Day Spas - Oil and Water Can Be Combined! Day spas have been stereotyped as a place primarily for females for some time now. Men may go see a masseuse on occasion, but eal?guys and day spas are like oil and water and they just don mix ?or do they? Certainly eal?guys would not be attracted to a frilly, panerai replica watches smelly place - would they? An obvious answer as to why men don share the same enthusiasm for spas as women is because spas have traditionally geared their facilities and services to the female gender . Not so long ago, the typical spa services such as manicures and pedicures were only done for women. While other benefits were available that were more applicable for men such as massages, any guy would find it awkward to be seen at an establishment designed strictly for female interests. Attitudes are Changing Well, all that is changing! Spas have been gearing their outlook towards male clients and guys have been changing their attitudes toward day spas as a result. Thanks to this mutual attitude change, more and more spas are openly pursuing male clientele and providing a place for guys to relax and be pampered without looking or feeling irly.? The male presence in a spa is being catered to with separate lobbies geared to men and yet with similar services aimed for pure relaxation and comfort. The ambiance at this area of the spa has neutral toned interiors, men's magazine, sports channels on large flat screen, etc. The services available for men at day spas are very similar to the ones available for women at a similar facility. It just comes with a little bit of twist to make the whole thing distinctive to males. Here are some of the popular benefits that guys can now enjoy at these establishments. Available Services for Men Gentleman's facial - The skin characteristics of men are different from those of women. Male skin is more prone to extreme elements; that is why there is a facial therapy specifically made for guys called he gentleman's facial treatment.? The gentleman's facial typically includes exfoliation, extractions, mask and massage in order to revitalize and refresh the skin texture. Gentleman's manicure and pedicure - Clean and well-trimmed nails doesn't make less of a man. Though manicures and pedicures were once associated with femininity, many men have already adopted manicures and pedicures as part of their regular body maintenance. Most of the gentlemen who have adopted these procedures are those working in offices where it is extremely desirable to be resentable.?The gentleman's manicure and pedicure involves perfectly shaping the cuticles and the nails and then buffing the nails after which the hands, arms and legs are massaged. Gentleman's cut - Trim your locks and look your best with the gentleman's haircut. Perhaps hiding some gray or adding some highlights may be in order. Your stylist is aware of the most effective products and latest style trends. You are guaranteed to look your best and relax at the same time! Gentleman's shave ?With the gentleman's shave available at day spas, a man can get rid of that gnarly facial hair or have it trimmed to suit his personality. This is followed with warm towels, foaming lather and a soothing, conditioning massage.