All Press Releases for 10/26/2011

Oct. 25: Bedtime Stories for Dogs and Bedtime Stories for Cats, the Combined Print Edition by Amy Neftzger, Announced by Fog Ink

The book is designed to appeal to pet owners and animal lovers.

BRENTWOOD, TN / PR FREE / Oct 26 2011 --
Fog Ink is combining two books together in a unique way for a good cause.

The two books are Bedtime Stories for Dogs and Bedtime Stories for Cats by Amy Neftzger.

Bedtime Stories for Dogs is a book of stories, poems, fables, and essays written by dogs for dogs. Story topics range from mythology and magic to “tails” of misfortune, adventure, and joy.

Bedtime Stories for Cats is also consists of stories, fables, and essays but these are written by cats for cats. These stories also range from cat mythology to “tails” of adventure and magic.

What makes the the combined print edition unique?

Bedtime Stories for Dogs and Bedtime Stories for Cats each contain several pieces that are written from different perspectives on the same situation or concept. Because of this, when the two books are read back to back they humorously show how natural bias may color any situation. Dogs may perceive a situation in one way because of their natural inclinations and cats may perceive it in another. In fact, key points may be so different in some of these situations that the stories can be difficult to recognize as having the same origin.

The print version of these two books combines them back to back creating one book with two covers. This unusual volume includes all the content and twice the perspective of the individual eBooks.

Why a book with two covers?

It’s representative of a natural inclination to view preferences as the right place to start anything. However, no matter which side a person begins to read this book, the center of it holds the message of tolerance by asking dogs and cats to put their differences aside to meet in the middle.

Will People actually read to their pets?

Yes, some of them. “I was at the Southern Festival of Books last weekend and met several people who told me that they already read out loud to their pets,” Amy Neftzger, the book’s author explained. “They were very excited when I showed them the flyer for Bedtime Stories.” Other individuals will simply read the book for themselves and enjoy imagining what their dogs and cats might be thinking.

Fog Ink ( is an imprint of Fields of Gold Publishing Inc. a Tennessee-based music and book publishing company established in 2003. Fog Ink is donating a portion of the proceeds from both the print and eBook versions of this book to no-kill animal shelters.

Amy Neftzger is the author or contributor to seven books, including Conversations with the Moon, which has also been translated into Korean and published in South Korea.

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