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Deco Lighting Announces Game-Changing New Product Line to Deflate High LED Luminaire Prices in the Marketplace

With a multi-million dollar R&D program nearing completion, Deco Lighting plans to launch a revolutionary line of affordable high performance
commercial LED luminaires for municipalities and businesses seeking to replace their inefficient lighting.

COMMERCE, CA / PR FREE / Jan 24 2012 --
Deco Lighting has announced plans to launch a revolutionary new line of commercial LED luminaires destined to change the current status quo in the solid state lighting (SSL) market. Integrating advanced design with next generation LED components and fabrication, the new luminaire line will knock down the price barriers currently restricting widespread use of SSL for commercial applications. The culmination of a multi-million dollar R&D program and partnership with proprietary component
suppliers, the new Deco Lighting LED line is slated for introduction in late 2012. The
line will include radical new LED roadway, high bay, indoor recessed, and architectural

Throughout the U.S., municipalities and businesses are striving to replace their inefficient lighting to save energy, reduce their utility costs, and go green with environmentally friendly, sustainable lighting solutions. New solid state lighting (SSL) technologies offer numerous benefits, including energy savings of 50% or more, 50,000 hour lifespan for long term maintenance savings, and greater controllability.

The use of controls, sensors, daylighting, and intelligent network systems offer an additional 25% or more energy savings by adjusting light levels precisely when and where the illumination is needed. In addition, SSL possesses inherent green earth-friendly properties. Unlike typical gas discharge lamps, the semiconductor LED contains no mercury – a hazardous waste material, produces no ultraviolet radiation, and no EMI (electromagnetic interference) emissions. Due to these properties, LED lighting is a key contributor for government and utility sponsored rebate programs, as well as building
projects seeking LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) status.

Major targets for conversion to LED include streetlighting, outdoor area lighting, parking
lots and garages that traditionally use HID (high intensity discharge) fixtures. Streetlighting,
in particular, can consume up to 40% of a municipality’s utility budget. Indoor targets
for LED include office lighting dominated by recessed fluorescent fixtures, and warehouses,
commercial and industrial buildings that use HID. Despite the benefits over conventional
lighting, LED luminaires for these applications come with “sticker shock” prices for municipal
and business customers. In some cases, federal stimulus funds and utility rebates can help
mitigate project procurement costs. However, the typical LED fixture price remains too
expensive when compared to conventional alternatives. Deco Lighting has addressed this
critical issue in its R&D program for next generation LED luminaires. The result is an affordable product line with high performance features and modular design. The customer also benefits with economical component upgrades to take advantage of the very latest advancements in LED technology and lighting control.

Deco Lighting has emerged as the leader of Induction lighting for high lumen applications. The success of Deco Induction lighting is proven in an expanding number of municipal, commercial, university and military installations throughout the U.S. and overseas. With a strong distribution and sales network, as well as a growing base of major customers, Deco Lighting expects great market penetration and success with its new LED line.

Deco Lighting is a leading manufacturer changing the world of lighting with the latest
green technology, energy saving lighting. For more information:
Email: [email protected]
Phone 310-366-6866

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