All Press Releases for 01/25/2012

New Jersey Office Cleaning Service Launches Site as NJOfficeCleaningService, With Complementary Facebook Campaign Featuring New Client Promotion

Abruzzo opted to pursue a comprehensive, complete blended marketing package, with both offline and online components to grow the office cleaning service side of her business.

FLORHAM PARK, NJ / PR FREE / Jan 25 2012 --
Finding a northern New Jersey commercial cleaning service that is reliable and trustworthy, and offers quality, affordable service, is a consistent concern that has been shared with office cleaning business owner Jaclyn Abruzzo by property owners and facilities managers that her company services, before they became her customers.

Two years ago, Abruzzo purchased a cleaning service with an existing client base, Cleaning by Design. Although Abruzzo's business performs office cleaning services, she learned that her message of her very specific focus on commercial customers' needs - office and specialized cleaning such as windows, floors, air ducts and carpets - was diluted by the lack of a cohesive brand and communications materials.

Abruzzo approached World Internet Marketing Inc., a full service 16-year-old technology company, and together the team reviewed Abruzzo's goals, in line with her needs as a small business, and considered approaches that offered the best potential to deliver results - new clients and expanded business opportunities.

Abruzzo opted to pursue a comprehensive, complete blended marketing package, with both offline and online components to grow the office cleaning service side of her business. In addition to the basic need for a custom logo that more appropriately reflected the commercial business, the package included designs for business cards, flyers and proposal letterhead. Additional elements aimed to jumpstart her commercial office cleaning service in the online marketplace included:

- Comprehensive market keyword research to help her maximize her advantage from natural organic search traffic
- A custom, fully search engine optimized website with SEO copywriting
- Integrated analytical tools, to enable future analysis of traffic
- A Google AdWords online advertising campaign
- An SEO press release written by professional copywriters with targeted, local media distribution
- An integrated social media presence with Facebook (

Targeted keyword research and analysis indicated that the best opportunity stemmed from "NJ Office Cleaning Service," which, to everyone's surprise, was available as a domain name -

According to Abruzzo, the partnership with World Internet Marketing has already resulted in a more sophisticated, professional impression.

"The brand the project team developed is truly distinctive and is helping me to establish a more credible presence with potential clients - almost instantly. Working with World Internet Marketing, I quickly learned how extensive their experience is and the breadth of services they can perform under one roof. I really felt they understood what I wanted to do and knew exactly what to do to create an impact for me - and they delivered.

"Their real concern about my business and their flexibility made me comfortable that what I needed could be delivered without breaking my budget.

"I'm eager to see how our consideration for search engine optimization will play out with positioning of the website and how the online marketing campaign aspect will attract customers. I truly believe the focus and quality of their work are opening doors for me more quickly - people seem much more open to speak to me, and they are commenting on how sharp my proposals look - that's an affirmation that I made the best choice," stated Abruzzo.

To learn more about the cleaning services available through Cleaning by Design and NJ Office Cleaning Service, visit

To receive details about the project and a case study about SEO website development, contact World Internet Marketing Inc. at 973-252-0999.

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