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NEW BOOK: THE CONFLICT WITHIN ISLAM: Expressing Religion Through Politics Traces the Conflict Muslims Have With Islam

Conflict Within Islam is available in soft-cover and in digital format of e-book from in addition to anchor booksellers such as,, and others.

DAVIE, FL / PR FREE / Feb 07 2012 --
The new book, The Conflict Within Islam, tells the story of the conflict different Muslim factions have among themselves as well as with the non-Muslim world. It has affected the life of Muslims and non-Muslims alike in most of the lands. The book asks: are their differences irreconcilable? Their dispute is with the modern secularist states over norms of social behavior and systems of government.

The conflict within Islam for the soul of Islam continues: Will the struggle be resolved in the present and the foreseeable future? Or will it make life more difficult for the both?

This book attempts to find the answer.

The Conflict Within Islam is broadly divided in three parts:

- Part I: Islam in History deals with the emergence of Islam, the Arab conquests and the political administration of the new empire. This part also deals with the rise and fall of the Muslim caliphate, Muslim resistance against colonization; chaos and fights of Muslims against their Muslim titular heads.

- Part II: Islam in Fundamentals studies the authority of the Qur'an and Sunna, the origin and development of Sharia, Jihad in theory and practice.

- Part III: Islam in Conflict - investigates the nature of the conflict among different factions of the Muslim community, the confusion and hesitation of Muslim states with modernization, secularization, democratization and their social and economic development. Each part is sub-divided in the related chapters, as detailed.

Author Israr Hasan suggests that what is taking place now in the Muslim world is an internal conflict among Muslims, not an external battle between Islam and the West. "The West is merely a bystander - an unwary yet complicit casualty of a rivalry that is raging in Islam over who will write the next chapter in its story," stated Hasan. "This internal struggle is taking place not in the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula but in the developing capitals of the Muslim world - Tehran, Cairo, Damascus, Baghdad, Islamabad and Jakarta - and in the cosmopolitan capitals of Europe and the United States - New York, London, Paris, and Berlin, where that message is being redefined by scores of first and second generation Muslim immigrants. A rehearsal of the battle between the Muslim rulers and ruled is already going on in the current Arab Unrest from Morocco to Bahrain."

Conflict Within Islam is available in soft-cover and in digital format of e-book from in addition to anchor booksellers such as,, and others.

MEDIA: For a review copy, contact the author, Israr Hasan, by email at [email protected]

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