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Real Estate Trades: Buying and Selling Homes and Property, Residential or Commercial, Facilitated With REALTORS Through TRADENOMIX

Buyers and sellers list properties on at no charge. Only Realtors can become members.

VANCOUVER, BC / PR FREE / Mar 30 2012 --
Buyers and sellers - stuck with property they are unable to sell - residential, land, recreational or even commercial property, have found a home at ( that connects them with a potential solution, through permanent property exchange, brokered by Realtors(R) .

Working with a Realtor, sellers' property is listed on, and buyers who are trying to sell homes can view the listings. Buyers and sellers can browse the site for a future home by defining their search by location, by financial parameters and by other criteria.

People look for a match, and a trade which are two or more separate sales can take place.

Buyers and sellers list properties on at no charge. Only Realtors can become members.

"Real estate trade is a new concept - a powerful alternative to real estate sales," stated spokesperson Karen Rath. "With an extensive, easy-to-use database, is evolving as the website of choice to facilitate connections between two or more parties. It offers buyers and sellers a fresh option to the traditional methods to selling real estate. Property owners and buyers are warming up to this new option - when it can't be sold, try trading."

Trades of two or more properties of different values can be accommodated. Rath describes one example: a seller has a condo listed at $249,000 and wants to upgrade to a single family home, while another seller has a home listed at $449,000 and wishes to downsize to a condo. Both homes have the location and features that each seller is looking for. "There is no discrepancy over price because both are getting the full asking price and, in turn, the equity they need to move forward. This eliminates offers and counter offers that are below market value."

Membership for Realtors is $100/month, which allows Realtors to post an unlimited number of listings. Once a property is listed, users can browse the website to shop for their future Home.

"We have participated in numerous conventions across North America, and everyone that hears about it finds this an attractive selling solution. the worse thing that can happen by listing your home on TRADENOMIX is receiving an offer that you're not interested in," added Rath. "The best thing that can happen is a perfect match."

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For further information and interviews, contact :
Karen Rath
Director of Marketing & Sales
Email:[email protected]

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