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Alford Media Services Executes Pepper's Ghost Illusion at the SAS Global Forum in Orlando, Fla.

Alford Media Services, in conjunction with Arena 3D Industrial Illusion, executes the projection effect known as "Pepper's Ghost" to great effect for the SAS Institute Inc. at the SAS Global Forum in Orlando.

COPPELL, TX / PR FREE / Apr 26 2012 --
Last year Bill Marriott, Sr. Director of Communications & New Media at SAS Institute Inc., told Alford Media Services ( he had seen an effect at a show in Las Vegas that he thought might be the perfect way to highlight certain product displays and presentations during SAS's annual Global Forum. The projection effect is known as "Pepper's Ghost," and the company was more than excited to help make the illusion work.

Arena 3D Industrial Illusion was engaged to provide the expertise and hardware, including the special foil backdrop used to create the illusion. Earlier this year, Alford video specialists Mark Anderson and Jim Brady traveled to the SAS headquarters in Cary, N.C., for a technical dry-run of the effect with all of the key players. It was at that time that SAS recorded all of their “Ghost” subjects for use at the show. The effect finally took center stage this past weekend in Orlando.

The effect has been incorrectly referred to as a hologram. In fact, it’s an illusion envisioned by 16th century scholar Giambattista della Porta. Henry Dircks and John Pepper popularized it in the late 1800s, and Pepper’s name has been attached to the illusion since its successful use in a theatrical version of Charles Dickens’ "The Haunted Man."

Pepper’s Ghost may be popular as a theme park attraction and theatre effect, but it can also be a fantastic way to add excitement and depth to a corporate or special event. SAS used it to allow their executives to debate with themselves, to show off products via interactive 3D animation, and they even had a spectral Peabo Bryson sing a duet with a live performer. Watch a video of the effect in action on YouTube channel at

SAS really got the most out of what the effect could offer to enhance their show. Got a show coming up? "We ain't ‘fraid of no ghosts. Who you gonna call? Alford Media!"

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