All Press Releases for 05/25/2012

Jenni Wilson, Founder of Mom Essentials and Wife of an M.D., Announces Educational Affiliate Program, For Family Healthcare and Home Medicine

Jenni's topics of education cover using essential oils during pregnancy, to healthy recipes that are thoroughly kid-tested. Products are eBooks, classes, and bundles; a perfect fit for mom bloggers and businesses sharing messages of superior health.

CEDAR CITY, UT / PR FREE / May 25 2012 --
Jenni Wilson, MH (Master Herbalist), founder of Mom Essentials and wife of an M.D., is proud to announce her "Mom Essentials Educational Affiliate Program," designed to empower families with more knowledge and tools in their healthcare and home medicine. Her topics of education range from how to use essential oils during pregnancy and delivery, to healthy recipes that are thoroughly kid-tested.

This program is designed to give moms more confidence by educating them on the hottest topics in health and education, while earning some extra income. The Mom Essentials Affiliate Program pays the most generous commission rates in the industry and on the Internet (50-80%). Tools and training are offered, which are designed to help affiliates succeed. The program is easy and user friendly - it’s a perfect fit for other mom bloggers and online businesses sharing messages of superior health.

The products offered are eBooks, classes, and bundles. Wilson has received such a positive response from these books and classes, and she is eager to not only share her knowledge and tips but to also share the profit. Over the next few weeks, she is giving away bundles on her Facebook page and various mom-networking sites. For more information, see the affiliate page at

Jenni Wilson, MH, is a master herbalist/aromatherapist, happily married to a doctor, and mother of seven rambunctious kids. She is passionate about empowering people, especially women, mothers and fathers, to be teachers, chefs, and doctors in their own homes. Disillusioned with many aspects of conventional medicine, she continues to educate herself and share her knowledge on providing natural remedies that are both safe and effective. For more information, contact Jenni Wilson - a mom blogger who empowers your family through good nutrition, alternative medicine and extra money
- at [email protected]


Jenni Wilson, MH
Mom Essentials
[email protected]

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