All Press Releases for 06/19/2012

NYC Real Estate Advisors Hits the Road With Philadelphia Investment Bus Tours for New York Real Estate Brokers and Investors

S&P/Case-Shiller index recently reported key indicators show Philly primed for an inevitable surge in investment appreciation. NYC Real Estate Advisors is introducing NY Real Estate Brokers & Investors to these opportunities & the training they need.

NEW YORK, NY / PR FREE / Jun 19 2012 --
NYC Real Estate Advisors has scheduled a number of Philadelphia investment bus tours to the City of Brotherly Love and made them more affordable than ever before.

Buses leave from Madison Square Garden at 7:30 a.m. on:

- Sunday June 24, 2012
- Saturday July 14, 2012
- Sunday July 22, 2012

According to NYC Real Estate Advisors' Elizabeth Perea: "Although investing in real estate in Philadelphia is a window of opportunity and costs are still low, they won't remain that way forever. Entering a closing early might help prospective buyers find affordable housing that can impact their future financial standings, making the short drive to Philly well worth the trip."

Over the past few years, investment and REO bus tours have become a popular way to provide hands-on training to investors wanting to master each and every step of the process - from locating and evaluating properties to securing traditional and non-traditional financing. In many situations investors can even purchase properties while learning the ins & outs of investing.

"Many of the nuances of real estate investing come into play only when investors step out of the classroom - negotiating with sellers, working with other investors, completing on-site property inspections - making the full-day of field training an unparalleled teaching opportunity," stated Perea.

Because investors want their trainers to have mastered the market and industry, NYC Real Estate Advisors has partnered with Joe Scorese and Matthew Yeck. Joe is a New Jersey and Pennsylvania licensed realtor and real estate investment expert, and Matt, a Pennsylvania licensed real estate agent, Certified Investor Agent Specialist (CIAS) and Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE). For anyone interested in investing in Philadelphia properties, training doesn’t get any better. New York real estate agents are also welcome.

"Many New Yorkers have been eyeing investment property in Philadelphia and now is their chance to take advantage of some very unique opportunities," added Perea.

Seating is Limited – 12 Investors per Trip

For more information or to purchase a seat, go to http://www.nycrealestateadvisors - 50% Off Summer Saving Special Applies.

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