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Custom Cupboards Inc. Implements On-Demand Marketing Platform by TPS Marketing Group LLC

The platform serves as the foundation of a simple-to-use, turnkey online service for Custom Cupboards' partner sales community.

WICHITA, KS / PR FREE / Aug 07 2012 --
TPS Marketing Group LLC (TPSMG), a leading provider of solutions and services that automate and enhance multi-channel sales and marketing initiatives, today announced that Custom Cupboards Inc. has launched a nationwide virtual marketing platform built on TPSMG's technologies. The platform serves as the foundation of a simple-to-use, turnkey online service for Custom Cupboards' partner sales community, who are now able to extend Custom Cupboards' brand and generate greater mindshare of the company's products and value proposition.

"Ever since our founding in 1981, Custom Cupboards has been focused on delivering high-quality, beautiful cabinetry that enhances the heart and soul of our customers' homes," says President Mael Hernandez. "Custom Cupboards has deployed various TPSMG modules to support our on-demand printing and marketing for our employees, and it allows for segmented marketing on a local level for each of our locations. Combined, these systems empower Custom Cupboards' partners with a full range of robust features that enable them to quickly and easily customize, co-brand, and launch Custom Cupboards' campaigns. Internally, Custom Cupboards employees leverage the solution as well, ordering print and additional items via the Web."

"With the TPSMG platform, Custom Cupboards' partners and employees have the ability to purchase targeted prospect data or upload their own lists to launch postcard campaigns that have the ability to swap messages and images personalized to each recipient, print collateral materials on demand, and order promotional and large format items - all through a single, simple-to-use solution," said John Pankanin, vice president of TPSMG. "The service not only increases productivity and reduces costs; it significantly enhances the performance of lead generation and sales initiatives."

Hernandez affirmed that Custom Cupboards considered many factors when choosing a vendor for its Virtual Marketing Portal application, and TPSMG was the only provider to meet all critical criteria which included price, quality, functionality, reliability and the location of TPSMG. "Located in Wichita, TPSMG provides us more direct communication and allows quicker delivery of our marketing collateral to our partners all across the United States."

"This is our first experience with online ordering and campaign management, and we are very pleased with the results," said Wendy Hay, Custom Cupboards' senior marketing specialist. "The TPSMG platform has become an extension of our office, serving as an efficient and highly effective virtual marketing portal within our organization."

"TPSMG has been a terrific partner," added Hay. "The staff goes the extra mile to ensure that our projects are of the highest quality and are delivered promptly. This solution helps us to successfully meet all our event or partner deadlines."

About Custom Cupboards Inc.
Custom Cupboards is a $34 (+) million company with over 150 employees that provides cabinets to a national network of over 180 business partners. Finding a distinctive style for a kitchen, bath, office, or home has never been easier. Custom Cupboards offers over half-a-million possibilities, with nine wood choices and a wide selection of door styles and finishes. For more information, see

About TPS Marketing Group LLC
TPSMG is a leading, Kansas-based provider of comprehensive, state-of-the-art solutions and professional services that significantly improves the control and management of external business communications, multi-channel campaigns, and associated materials. With TPSMG, small and mid-sized businesses, large enterprises, and commercial printers can create, implement, and optimize a robust, scalable, and secure communications and collateral infrastructure. As a result, they enhance the effectiveness of sales and marketing programs, build stronger relationships with prospects and customers, and boost revenues and profitability. For more information, see

John Pankanin
Vice President
(316) 573-9622
[email protected]

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