All Press Releases for 11/26/2012

Positive Thinking Classic, As a Woman Thinketh, Updated by Author Michelle Hollinger With, Your Life is What You Think It

Michelle Hollinger launches new ebook, "Your Life is What You THINK it," a revision of old classics, "As a Man Thinketh/As a Woman Thinketh."

MIAMI, FL / PR FREE / Nov 26 2012 --
Michelle Hollinger's copy of, "As a Woman Thinketh," is worn and marked with red ink, with good reason. She credits the book with saving her life.

“I have read and re-read the book and used it as a guide to ending an unhealthy 26-year marriage, dropping more than 40 pounds, and launching a filmmaking career,” said Hollinger, a former newspaper editor who is now a program coordinator for a Miami museum.

“Although I love ‘As a Woman Thinketh’ and what it says about how we can change our lives by changing our thoughts, it is written in an older, more formal style that some people may not appreciate. I thought that there are other people who could also benefit from what I learned, so I decided to write a more user-friendly version,” said Hollinger.

“Saying that if you change your thoughts, you change your life sounds really simplistic, but it is powerful and it is true,” she said. “If you pay attention to the way that really successful people speak, you don’t hear complaints and you don’t hear doubt. They have a very matter of fact approach to success and it is a product of their thoughts.”

Hollinger said that she updated the "Thinketh" classics - there is also "As a Man Thinketh" - by making an easier to read version. “The essence of the books is the same. ‘Your Life is what you THINK it’ also helps people to understand that their thinking affects the quality of their life in all areas, health, finances, relationships, everything,” added Hollinger.

Reading the original and writing "Your Life is What you THINK IT" helped her to change the way she saw herself, which Hollinger said resulted in her gaining the courage to end an unhealthy marriage, to get serious about losing weight and to finally pursue her passion to make movies.

The book is currently available in e-book format and may be purchased at A hard copy version will be released in January.

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