All Press Releases for 02/25/2014

MicroSolved's New Services Help Clients Shut Down Reputational Risks

MicroSolved (MSI) announces its reputational threat services, TigerTrax(TM), MSI’s platform for gathering & analyzing data from the social media sphere & web.

COLUMBUS, Ohio / PR FREE / Feb 25 2014 --
MicroSolved, Inc. (MSI) announces its new reputational threat services. Powered by TigerTrax(TM), MSI’s proprietary platform for gathering and analyzing data from the social media sphere and the overall web. This sophisticated platform, originally developed for threat intelligence purposes, provides the team with a unique capability to rapidly and effectively monitor the world’s data streams for potential points of interest.

MIS services can rapidly and effectively monitor the world’s data streams for points of interest. The services empowered by the TigerTrax technology can apply analytics to not just the content created by specific individuals, but can also draw intelligence from the global pool of crowdsourced data created by the millions of individuals contributing to social media networks around the world. Leveraging the global data pool of content has proven invaluable for clients engaging MSI thus far. 

Several uses cases for the new capabilities have already emerged:

- Sports teams are using the services to monitor professional athletes for code of conduct violations & are using the forensics services to defend their athletes against false behavior-related claims
- Financial organizations are using the service to watch for signs of illicit behavior/regulatory issues
- Law firms are leveraging the service to identify issues with a case & for investigation/forensics
- Companies use the service during M&A activities, including quiet period monitoring & pre-offer intelligence gathering
- Many more uses of the platform are emerging every day

"TigerTrax represents a significantly empowering capability for our clients. In near real time, they have been able to reduce the impacts of reputational issues, provide council to stakeholders looking to improve their public brands and investigate situations to help them better defend their public character," said Brent Huston, CEO of MicroSolved. "We took a powerful technology created to help us fight cyber-crime and pivoted it to focus on emerging social issues and business problems. We are very excited about the ways that clients continue to find new uses for TigerTrax and our analytics platform."

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About MicroSolved Inc.
MicroSolved Inc. was founded in 1992, making it one of the most experienced information security companies in the world. Providing risk assessment, ethical hacking, penetration testing and security intelligence to organizations of all sizes has been their passion for more than two decades. MSI is the inventor of HoneyPoint Security Server, a patented honeypot platform designed for nuance and anomaly detection. Today, the company secures businesses on a global scale and still provides expertise close to home. From governments to the Fortune 500 and from small business to any business, MSI offers the security experts people can trust.

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