All Press Releases for 10/24/2005

Urban Books Announces A New Acquisition And A New Initiative With Distributor Kensington Publishing

New Line of Women Fiction to come out of Urban Books.

INGLEWOOD, California / PR FREE / Oct 24 2005 --
Carl Weber, publisher and founder of Urban Books LLC, today announced a new initiative with distributor Kensington Publishing and the acquisition of United Brothers Books, a small independent publishing house specializing in urban fiction.

Urban Books, established just three years ago by Weber, a New York Times bestselling novelist, is recognized for its hugely successful and sometimes controversial "street lit’ fiction by authors such as La Jill Hunt, Chunichi and Nikki Turner. Now, Weber is creating a new imprint, Urban Soul, as a joint venture with its distributor, Kensington Publishing.

The new imprint allows Urban, the fastest growing African American-owned publishing house in the country, to expand in an entirely new direction with women’s fiction. Urban Soul books will begin in June with two mass market titles, Mile High Confession by T. Wendy Williams and Secret Lovers by Maxine Thompson, Michelle Mcgriff and Patricia Anne Phillips.

Urban Books associate publisher Roy Glenn spearheads the new imprint. "We’ve been talking about women’s fiction for some time, and I fully expect Urban Soul to become a household name in African American homes across the country."

"It is an honor to go into this venture with a partner like Kensington," said Weber. "Kensington not only broke ground by establishing a home for African American writers and readers and showcasing the popularity and profitability of their books, but which has tremendous long term experience publishing women’s fiction and romance. There are enormous opportunities for the future."

Additionally, Urban Books has just acquired United Brothers Books, a small independent publishing house specializing in urban literature. Drawing upon United Brothers' backliast and its recently acquired titles and focusing on key Urban Books titles previously available only in trade paperback, Weber is creating a second imprint, Urban Mass. Beginning in March 2006 with Mixed Messages by Latonya Williams and Is It a Crime by Roy Glenn, Urban Mass will present one new and one reprint mass market title per month.

"With the continued success of books such as Sister Souljah’s Coldest Winter Ever as a mass market title, we believe that those and other types of urban literature will also do extremely well in that format," said Weber. "With the acquisition of United Brothers Books’ list, we hope to fill a void in this area."

Kensington Publishing CEO Steven Zacharius welcomes the growth of Urban Books. "Carl is an exception author, an exceptional publisher and an exceptional businessman," said Zacharius. "It is a pleasure representing his company to the trade and we are delighted to be part of his continued expansion and success."

Arvita Glenn, Marketing Director, Urban Books LLC
74 Andrews Avenue
Wheatley Heights, New York 11798
[email protected]

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