All Press Releases for 01/27/2007

Blog To Remove Intoxicated District Attorney From Office Announced By Glenn Baxter

No one is above the law, especially those sworn to uphold it. Those who enforce the laws should scrupulously obey the law. They must lead by example based on principles of honesty, integrity, credibility and accountability.

ACTON, TX / PR FREE / Jan 27 2007 --
Glenn Baxter was shocked reading "A Potter County Deputy who was arrested for driving under the influence last month will not be prosecuted," in the 1-09-07 Amarillo Globe News.

"I wasn’t surprised after reading the prosecuting district attorney was from Vega, Texas," said Baxter. "I guess he did a favor for the good old boys in Potter County like he did for those in Hutchinson County."

"Criminal misconduct" includes conduct directly attributable to official duties, or any conduct outside of those duties. This includes felony and misdemeanor violations of the law.

The Vega district attorney failed to enact the Texas government code and remove Hutchinson County Clay Ballman from office for his criminal misconduct following his DWI conviction. Now the same district attorney decides not to prosecute the Sheriff Deputy because there was lack of evidence.

"The deputy refused to perform any field sobriety tests. Therefore, he was arrested. Ordinary people who refuse to take the sobriety tests do not escape prosecution so easily."

In 2004, the Deputy was pictured in the Amarillo Globe News with an 11th-grader at Cal Farley's Boys Ranch, simulating Impaired Driving Experience, which mimics how alcohol and drugs affect driving skills during an alcohol awareness program. "This fine example of judicial hypocrisy should slap every law abiding citizen squarely in the face and outrage them to act," added Baxter.

Betty Holland and 800 citizens in Hutchinson County acted by petitioning to remove district attorney Clay Ballman from office. Ms. Holland says, "The petition sits in a judge’s office in Odessa and after months, we have heard nothing. The Odessa judge will not return my phone calls."

If district attorneys and peace officers do not have to follow the law when it comes to their freedom, why should anyone else? "Who do 'We, the People,' turn to fight this corruption and restore public confidence in the criminal justice system?"

Ms. Holland and the many other citizens have become frustrated by the brick wall put up by the judicial system. She has written letters to the Texas Attorney General for help in removing the district attorney. The response letter stated his office had no jurisdiction.

Recently, Baxter consulted with Ms. Holland to produce The entire story is posted there. The open document dash cam video from the Borger, Texas police department has been uploaded to Google Video under the title "Hit and run DWI arrest of 84th Texas District Attorney."

Is there someone in the American Justice System who can help these citizens?

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