All Press Releases for 02/07/2007 Wants To Educate Consumers About Preventative Skin Care And Which Skin Care Product Should Be Purchased gives something away for free first - knowledge - and allows the consumer to make a purchasing decision based on that information.

FT LAUDERDALE, FL / PR FREE / Feb 07 2007 --
Carey Whitmore and staff knew that had to capture something that would set them apart from the hundreds - maybe thousands - of skin care Web sites rotating throughout Cyberspace at any given moment. They also knew that each site, in order to sell their specific skin care product, had to have made a promise a promise of youth, a promise to erase those blemishes, a promise to tighten that wrinkle or lift those sags, or cure that acne. Therein lied the problem. How does a company make a similar site stand separate when there are no promises left to make? The answer is quite simple and Whitmore and Company, by thinking outside the box, did indeed capture it. gives something away for free first - knowledge - and allows the consumer to make a purchasing decision based on that information. is, as stated on its Home Page, a Powerhouse of Skin Care Knowledge. Provided with a well-researched, information-packed Knowledge Base, the consumer is encouraged to learn first, guided by navigational links to areas that include:

Skin Basics
An Overview explaining, in detail, the facts about skin - layer by layer, the causes and treatments of premature aging, and how to care for your skin early on and then long after damage has occurred

Ingredient Dictionary
A detailed, A through Z listing of over one hundred ingredients used in the manufacture of products sold through RadiantSkinShoppe. Each item listed links to a detailed definition and information on its beneficial factors

Questions & Answers
Not the normal FAQ, these are yes or no questions, along with the corresponding answers, to assist the consumer in personalizing their own skin care regimen

Product Classifications
Additional information on each of the main product categories listed at the Home Page

A site section titled "Meet Our Estheticians" introduces Director of Operations Carey Whitmore and her staff, all licensed and educated professionals who are personally available to take client and product support calls.

The Product Center at contains carefully selected skin care products from only the highest dermatologist and hospital recommended product lines and manufacturers. In addition to product prices that are already reasonable, RadiantSkinShoppe guarantees to meet a lower price on any product it sells if that same product is found for less on another domestic Web site. Notable product lines, monthly specials, free giveaways, updated articles, newsletters and the extensive Knowledge Base make this Web site an interesting and informational place to just browse and absorb.

RadiantSkinShoppe encourages consumers to learn first and arrive at the Product Center knowing exactly what they need and why they need it. On this fact alone, RadiantSkinShoppe created a win-win situation for everyone involved.

For more information about RadiantSkinShoppe, call 1-800-393-3848 or visit

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