All Press Releases for 02/07/2007

Get Kids Safe Intiative Launched In Missouri

A new effort to protect children from Internet predators is being launched in Washington, Missouri.

WASHINGTON, MO / PR FREE / Feb 07 2007 --
The GetKidsSafe(R) initiative is a multifaceted community awareness program aimed at getting tools and information into the hands of parents, educators, law enforcement officers and civic leaders that will aid them in the fight to protect kids from cyber predators. GKS provides parents with a virtual tool box that will grow along with the changing face of the Internet.

GetKidsSafe Inc. (GKS) is an initiative begun by Mark Holguin, founder and CEO of Security Information Systems in Washington, Missouri, utilizing a software program. The program is installed onto any home computer by parents to monitor their child's Internet activities. Schools can utilize this program as well. Keywords such as sex, porn, drugs and alcohol among others are activated, and if any of these words are used either by the child or someone they are communicating with, an alert is sent to the parent or administrator's e-mail account. They are then able to investigate what the communication was and initiate action, if necessary.

Holguin worked to create the awareness of the software after pleas from parents for some type of security system to help them protect their children on the Internet. "For years, I have helped homeowners and business owners protect their assets by offering hardware security systems," stated Holguin. "Thousands of dollars are spent protecting a home or business, but we have overlooked the protection of what is most important to us all - the safety of our children. In today's world, children are extremely vulnerable to Internet predators. It is safer to leave your home unlocked than to leave kids' computers unprotected by this software," Holguin advised.

GKS is a not-for-profit organization. All proceeds resulting from the purchase of the program are directed back into the communities. Information regarding GKS is available online at ''. GKS has conducted speaking engagements to school audiences and parents, and it has worked with Court TV to provide free digital disks of children, which includes fingerprints, photos, and other valuable identifying information. Educational seminars for schools and organizations are available by appointment. Persons or organizations interested in this vital protection program may contact Holguin either at ''' or at 636-239-1718.

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