PR Free™ is backed by a highly sucessful and experienced actual wire service, Eworldwire. Successful global news distribution is a complex endeavor. Using the latest state-of-the-art technologies and techniques, Eworldwire has invested thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars to create a proprietary unmatched distribution network and system. Each day we fine-tune, improve, enhance and add additional sources.

PR Free is the only press release service backed by a true wire service, not just a company that uses e-mail as its primary method of dissemination.

PRFree through Eworldwire offers a complete suite of Video and Audio products. Eworldwire owns and operates its own studios for all of its Multimedia production, video and audio. We are the only wire service that actually does this ourselves.

PRFree is also the only press release distribution company staffed by mostly copywriters and people with journalism experience. So we know, first-hand, how distribution works on both ends of the spectrum.

Here are a few reasons that you should consider using the services of PR Free.

High Capacity

PR Free has unmatched network capacity. Our proprietary distribution servers and network are designed and tested to deliver many thousands of releases a day.

Quality Assured Deliverability

Our media database is opt-in. This means that the contacts in our database have asked for our press releases and provide valid and current contact information. Even so, members of the media change positions and leave positions. Therefore, we have a full-time media support staff devoted solely to ensuring proper deliverability of your press release.

Eworldwire has gained the reputation among the media as carrying the most credible and newsworthy news releases in the industry. 

Unmatched Search Engine Presence

We are heavily invested in search technologies. Search engine traffic plays a vital role in the success of your news release. Journalists increasingly rely on major search engines for their research. Consequently, every press release distributed through our network is optimized for maximum organic search engine inclusion. Search engines can then crawl naturally and efficiently to index your press release. Our exclusive technology and unmatched infrastructure provides the best available search traffic directed to your news items.

We are so confident of our service that PR Free is the only newswire service to guarantee the inclusion of your press release in major search engines.

PR Free & Eworldwire

With Eworldwire and PRFree you can now leverage the best of the top two press release newswires.

Syndicated Network News Feeds

We manage our own syndicated network news feeds and employ third-party syndicates to assist in distributing your news release.