All Press Releases for 08/05/2015

Wide-Eyez All-Weather Bike Helmet Shield Delivers Safety and Functionality

An all-weather bike shield protects eyes during rain, snow, wind-blown debris, bugs and sun.

BOULDER, Colo. / PR FREE / Aug 05 2015 --
Wide-Eyez, the latest nouveau fashion for bike riders, is an all-weather bike shield designed to protect eyes during rain, snow, wind-blown debris, bugs and the sun.

Wide-Eyez are practical and functional, and offer UV protection. This new bike helmet shield quickly and easily attaches to any helmet while offering the safety and protection of sunglasses, much like a motorcycle helmet. Wide-Eyez flips up and stays in place when not needed and is a go-to bicycle accessory for riders including commuters, adventure cyclers, event riders, and everyday riders.

“There’s nothing worse than getting caught in a wind storm or riding through a party of bugs while cycling,” said Graham Hill, who developed Wide-Eyez as an all-weather bike helmet shield from a desire to protect his eyes while riding. “Wide-Eyez is weather-resistant and designed for riders who want an all-weather shield that protects them from the environment they ride in the most. These shields protect people who are on their bike a lot.

"Customers say it shields and protects the eyes better than sunglasses and is much more comfortable as it attaches to the helmet, rather than sitting on the nose,” added Hill.

Wide-Eyez is available in clear or tinted lenses and Sport and Tour sizes (small and large); both sizes offer High-UV protection, are attached so no loss of shades, and dishwasher-safe.

Hill, a former bike shop owner and entrepreneur, saw a gap in the market for a safety product designed for helmets and quickly moved to create a sturdy, high-quality, Made in the U.S.A. helmet accessory product.

Currently available from several dealers, online and locally at retailer McGuckin Hardware, Wide-Eyez retails at $39.95 each or $59.95 a pair, and each shield arrives with a guarantee of satisfaction from Graham Hill who says even a few equestrians have added the visor to their riding helmets. Hill is currently designing lighter, colorful models.

Find Wide-Eyez at or contact Graham Hill at 303-544-0025.

Press photos, product reviews, videos, testimonials and images of customers actually using Wide-Eyez can be viewed at

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