All Press Releases for 09/01/2016

Approaching Retirement with Little Savings? No Need to Worry!

Retirement savings is an over-hyped way of preparing for retirement. Diligent savings does not guarantee that you will have a nest egg at age 65. Here is an alternative for retirement survival.

LAFAYETTE, CA / PR FREE / Sep 01 2016 --
"Invest for Retirement," say all the financial advisors and Wall Streeters. (The more you invest with them, the more they earn).

Larry Klein, publisher of the Retirement Income Blog says that saving for retirement is over-hyped.

While saving for retirement is fine, it does not guarantee a comfortable retirement or even that your savings will be there when you need them.

Many of life's occurrences can destroy your retirement nestegg:
1) your own lack of emotional control that has you sell low and buy high
2) selection of poorly performing investments
3) a severe market downturn at the wrong time
4) using the money for one of life's emergencies - illness, addiction, depression and inability to keep a job

Rather than risk money over 40 years of saving/investing, it is much easier to work part time after retirement age (e.g. age 65). Just a little work can offset years of foregone savings.
See infographic here:

So if you're approaching retirement with little or no savings, don't despair. You can still enjoy golden years.

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