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In New Children's Book, 'Otis Grows' by Kathryn Hast, First Comes Change, Then Comes Growth


ASHEVILLE, NC / PR FREE / Apr 01 2017 --
As much as one would like to, there’s no way to completely shield children from all change, conflict, and grief. The truth is, there’s so much beauty in the world often overshadowed by the “scary,” that it’s more important than ever that kids confidently grow in the face of challenge.

In the beautifully crafted new children’s book, "Otis Grows" by Kathryn Hast, readers are introduced to young Otis, a red onion who is forced to question his origin and allegiances - given that his mom, a yellow chicken, is part of the Nuh-Uhs, and his dad, a blue flower, stems from the Yes-Chums. Struggling to find answers, Otis runs away, only to encounter more colors and cultures than he could ever imagine. Rooted in the challenges of family conflict, this book still appeals to any child – or adult – who knows that growing up can be tough, that there is "the odor of growing older," but that, ultimately, love and wonder will win.

The author, a mother of (and frequent reader to) two young children, has an MFA in writing, and was inspired to create a truly entertaining yet meaningful story that resonates with all families, especially in this time of turbulence. As a "child of divorce," Hast knows that shifts in families can have long-lasting effects on kids and hopes to teach them how to navigate through it, and even see the beauty in it.

"Otis Grows" is a kid's book that looks at adult problems. It playfully engages all readers to consider "what’s tough, what’s inherent, but most of all, what’s possible,” Hast says.

With its bright, whimsical illustrations and lyrical style, Otis Grows touches on:

- The inherent nature of conflict, especially current day:

*How we can acknowledge and address it
*There’s still more good than bad in the world: Why we should delight in it
*Bigger conversations that children and parents can share together about conflict and more
*The importance of reading together as a family
*And much more!

Kathryn Hast has a master’s of Fine Arts degree in writing and a master’s degree in Education. She is from York, Pa., and she lives in Asheville, N.C., with her husband and two children. She has one dog named after a Beatles song and one that barks at the television. "Otis Grows" is her first published work of fiction, and her next book, "Batty Betty" is forthcoming.

The book is available at

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